Toffee Town Match-3 Puzzle Game Description : Immerse yourself in this toffee matching game in which your goal is to match same color toffees to clear the board.

If you liked Bejeweled or Diamond Mine, you`ll love Toffee Town Match Three Puzzle. Match the items to clear each level. Requires some strategy!

Toffee Town Match Three Puzzle is a `match-three` puzzle played on a grid filled with various power-ups, such as balloons, baby-faces or lightnings that clear rows vertically and horizontally. The player may swap any two adjacent tiles, as long as the swap results in a horizontal/vertical line of three or more matching toffees. The matched set disappears, allowing tokens to drop into the gaps from above; if more matched sets form as a result, they disappear as well.

Whenever tiles disappear, the background grid positions turn gold. The player must turn every square on the board to gold in order to complete the level.

As the game progresses, new variations are introduced to make gameplay more difficult: irregularly shaped grids, squares in hard-to-reach places, candies that must be matched multiple times to clear them from the board, and so on.

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